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Lihi Netzer

Parent Educator

Nice to meet you

Hi, I am Lihi. A certified parent educator by the Positive Discipline Association and the Alfred Adler Institute in Israel. 

Former Faculty member and a Parent Educator at North Seattle College.

I was born and raised in Israel, married and a mother of 2 wonderful kids.


My introduction to parent education and the Adlerian theory was after my second child was born. I actually had a career in marketing and advertising which I loved, but It felt that something had changed.

I began to observe my parenting far beyond logistics, diapers, breastfeeding, etc and came to the understanding that being a parent is a role with a profound and deep meaning.


I decided to expand my professional knowledge and abilities and got certified as a parent educator and a parent coach. The first time I realized that I chose the right path, was when a mother I had worked with, told me with tears in her eyes that she feels she had saved her relationship with her kids. For me, there is nothing more important.

After working in Israel for a few years, my family and I relocated to Seattle and I have gained the opportunity to work with parents in this area as well.


This is what I do

 I work with parents of children of all ages, helping them cope with the challenges they face:

  • Understanding and reducing behavioral issues

  • Sibling rivalry - why do they fight all the time?

  • The arrival of a new baby to the family - how can I help to prepare my older kids?

  • Improving communication and understanding between parents and children

  • House rules, boundaries and how to implement them in the family’s routine

  •  The unique challenges of relocation 

And many more…

Parents with whom I have worked with, share an improved understanding of their parenthood. Learning to identify their children's needs and a positive way to support them. They have better communication between themselves and their children and fewer conflicts which enables them to enjoy their parenthood and their children.

I lead parent groups, work with couples and individuals and give presentations to small and large groups for PTSAs and other parent organizations as well as schools, conferences, and in private homes.

Private Sessions can be conducted through Skype, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp etc.

I speak English and Hebrew fluently  

צור קשר

Feel free to contact me

Thank you

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